Effects of Caffeine on the Body

CAFFEINE CONSUMPTION & YOUR BODY The effects of caffeine can take over 24 hours to fully leave the system. Caffeine keeps us feeling awake by suppressing adenosine, the chemical in our brain telling us to sleep. A cup of decaf coffee still contains 15 to 30% of the caffeine a regular coffee provides. Coffee, chocolate, black andContinue reading “Effects of Caffeine on the Body”

Millions Are Saying Goodbye To Sore Feet With This New Footwear Technology.

PEOPLE ACROSS THE UK ARE FINDING RELIEF While more and more people are suffering from sore feet and joint and muscle pain due to an unhealthy lifestyle, there is a solution to relieve pain. A recent sandal/slipper has been helping millions across the pond in North America, and now, some reputable companies here in theContinue reading “Millions Are Saying Goodbye To Sore Feet With This New Footwear Technology.”


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