Sleep Deprivation Linked to Five Life-Threatening Diseases

There is currently a global epidemic that has gained alarming levels of concern, with far-reaching consequences that many are entirely unaware of. I am not talking about climate change, the current economic crisis or the military struggles splashed across the news today. This pandemic resides a little closer to home, intimately entwined in our lives,Continue reading “Sleep Deprivation Linked to Five Life-Threatening Diseases”

How To Fall Asleep Faster

Having trouble trying to sleep? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Lying awake staring at your ceiling for what feels like hours is not fun, so we took the time to read into tips and tricks for falling asleep faster and compiled a list of interesting yet effective techniques for you to try out. WhenContinue reading “How To Fall Asleep Faster”

How to Combat Jet Lag

Aeroplanes have provided humanity with the ability to travel the globe at top speeds. But with this fantastic development, comes its own issues- something all seasoned travellers have come to dread- jet lag. But we have come up with a list of techniques to help combat jet lag and its exhausting side effects. Zipping throughContinue reading “How to Combat Jet Lag”

Fun Facts About Hot and Cold Sleepers

Do you tend to wake up in the middle of the night annoyed and uncomfortable? Is it hard for you to regulate your body temperature while you sleep? It can be troublesome when you wake up feeling very hot or very cold, not able to get a comfortable sleep throughout the night. For those whoContinue reading “Fun Facts About Hot and Cold Sleepers”

Sleep Facts for 2021: You Won’t Believe Them!

One sleepless night seems okay, two sleepless nights isn’t ideal, three sleepless nights well, it looks like we might have a problem. Approximately two-thirds of all adults, spanning all developed nations do not obtain the recommended eight hours of sleep every night. This means that the greater population suffers from chronic sleep loss. Why doContinue reading “Sleep Facts for 2021: You Won’t Believe Them!”

How To Avoid Burnout With Better Sleep

Do you feel tired? Dis-interested? Unmotivated? Trapped? If you said yes to the above then you may be on the track to burnout central. This feeling could be so prominent in your life that you don’t even know you need to avoid burnout in the first place. Feeling over exhausted, disconnected and lost is notContinue reading “How To Avoid Burnout With Better Sleep”

The 10 Best Foods for Sleep and the 10 Worst

Sleep is a necessity in life, so too is food and drink. All three share an intimate relationship with our bodies; without them, we could not survive. But what we put into our body, and when, can have huge effects on how we catch those zzz’s at night. If you are having trouble getting toContinue reading “The 10 Best Foods for Sleep and the 10 Worst”

Less Medication, More Sleep: The Dangers of Sleeping Pills

Did you know that long-term use of sleeping pills can increase the risk of cancer and infections, double your chances of getting in a car accident, and even significantly shorten your lifespan? Would you still be considering these over-the-counter treatments if you understood the risks they pose to your health? People who have insomnia seek out a form of treatment that canContinue reading “Less Medication, More Sleep: The Dangers of Sleeping Pills”

Best Aromatherapy For Better Sleep

You may be thinking to yourself right now… aromatherapy for sleep? yeah right! Well it actually is right and studies show that it can improve your sleep and overall mood. Keep reading as we explore scents for sleep aids! What is Aromatherapy? Aromatherapy is a holistic healing approach that uses natural plant extracts to promoteContinue reading “Best Aromatherapy For Better Sleep”